Gabii in The News

Gabii in the news


News articles

  • December 2013: an interview with Nic Terrenato appeared on the Italian newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano. The article discusses the state of Italian archaeology, and the important contribution of US-based institutions, including The Gabii Project.
  • December 2013: Gabii’s Area F building has been selected as one of the top 10 discoveries of 2013 by the Archaeology magazine!
  • August 2013: Gabii Goes Digital, a new effort to make 3D models a core part of the Gabii Project’s publication record and to promote their acceptance as basic data within the archaeological community, has been funded by the NEH Office of Digital Humanities. Read more.
  • Coverage of the Area F Building. A large chunk of a monumental building with imposing ashlar architecture and nicely appointed floors was uncovered in 2012-2013. In July 2013 the sensational find was first announced in a short article by Prof. Mario Torelli, featured in the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Additional coverage from news outlets in the UK and the US soon followed. Most notable are a piece that appeared in the New York Times, and a release by the University of Michigan’s news service. Both include a summary of the finds, and quotes from Nic Terrenato and other team members. A story on the dig was included in the september/october 2013 issue of the UK-based magazine Minerva. More web coverage:;


  • July 2011: Gabii Project receives collaborative research grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Read more.
  • The February 2009 issue of Etruscan News featured a small article on the Gabii Project’s geophysical survey.
  •  Kelsey Museum Newsletter (fall 2008; fall 2010).
  • University of Michigan LSA Magazine (fall 2008).
  • University of Michigan. Classics Convivium (Department of Classical Studies newsletter). Fall 2009.
  • University of Michigan. LSA wire e-zine (February 2010).
  • May 2010: creation of the Fiat / Chrysler Scholars program at Gabii, thanks to gifts from the Chrysler Foundation and Fiat SPA.
  • Coverage of the lead sarcophagus. In late March 2010, the sarcophagus, excavated at Gabii in summer 2009,  was the subject of a news release from the UM News Service and a short story online by National Geographic News.  Additional coverage by other print and online press outlets soon followed. In Italy, the Italian newspaper La Stampa interviewed field director Anna Gallone.  Follow this link for a digested summary of the media coverage of the lead sarcophagus, and stay tuned for further updates
    • November 2010. German television coverage of the neutron scanning at FRM II in Munich.  Click here for an English transcript of the news story.


Project director Nicola Terrenato delivers the ceremonial first blow of the pick-axe to begin the Gabii Project’s excavations in May 2009.



Corey Brennan (right) interviews Nicola Terrenato at Gabii; July 2009.



Jeffrey Becker and Nicola Terrenato during the opening of the Imperial tomb that would prove to contain the lead sarcophagus.



Field director Anna Gallone during excavation of the sarcophagus.



The lead sarcophagus in situ.